The ABC’s of Choosing Reception Music

October 31, 2012 | Posted By: | blog |

Choosing reception music involves more than just selecting your favorite musical style. While that is part of the process, there are some other factors that you should consider as well. Below are some tips on choosing reception music.


When booking a wedding location in the Inland Empire, be sure to ask if there are any rules about noise restrictions. Some venues may have strict rules, while others will be more liberal about what kind – and what volume – of music will be allowed.

Also, not every wedding reception location in the Inland Empire will be able to accommodate a full band. Asking these questions before you book the venue or the reception music will help avoid disappointment later on.


If you are trying to stay within a budget as most brides are, when you start interviewing bands or DJs for your reception, one of the first questions that you should ask is how much they charge. There is no point in spending a lot of time listening to their music and discussing other details only to then find out that you cannot afford that particular band or DJ.

Know your budget for this part of your wedding BEFORE you start your search.

Be Considerate

You might love heavy metal music cranked up just as loud as it can be, but you should be considerate of your guests when making a selection about reception music. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have the music that you love, but if your grandmother is uneasy with loud noise, you might want to consider a compromise.

Perhaps you could have reception music that is a bit more subdued during the first half of the reception and then cut loose a bit later in the evening.

Many wedding locations in the Inland Empire have adjoining banquet rooms. If you know that you plan to have a particularly loud band, be considerate of other parties by asking if it is possible to get a room without common walls. If that is not possible, perhaps you could place your band on a wall that is not connected to the other room.

Hopefully, these ABCs of choosing reception music will help you choose music that you love and that will not interfere with anyone else’s good time.

Our next post will address everything you need to know about choosing the Ceremony music. Check back in a few weeks for more helpful wedding tips from your friends at the Pomona Valley Mining Company.